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Western Genre - Holliday's High Noon Honeymoon Click here to read through chapter three for free!
Fresh out of a Boston finishing school, Elizabeth is running away to the Wild West for a fresh start. Although disguised as a male, she must choose which man to leave with after their stagecoach is robbed. Will she choose the outlaw or the marshal? You decide.

Download the entire HOLLIDAY'S HIGH NOON HONEYMOON interactive inspirational novel, 31 choices/consequences, for only $4.95 -- click "Buy Now."

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For the first time with this supense novel - Multimedia movie clips correspond with the 31 choices in this interactive novel. We heightened the decision-making process for you, the readers, to better interact and enjoy this book.
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Suspense - SPELUNKING SATAN'S SNARE: Terrorist invade the United States with a new diabolical biological warfare. After a navy SEAL mission gone bad, Thane turns and walks away from his life as a secret USA defender. Missing memories torment him through nightmares, but his best friend and his sister pull Thane back to the underground world of caving and terrorism. Will his memories return as well as the man he once was? Will he choose to look out after only number one, himself, or will he find hope through one of two women? You decide.

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