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The newest interactive novels come with short movie clips that correspond with the choice to be made. As an issue of bandwidth usage, these multimedia choices are available only on CD's shipped to you. To order Happily Ever Afters' Interactive Inspirational Novels on CD, click here. You can also order other interactive genres by digital download. Please keep checking back in as each genre becomes available.

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FREE interactive inspirational novel - CHANGE OF HEART. To read online free click here Sheri changed everything about herself when her brother died. Enter the two men closest to her, two men determined to interfer and change her back. Now she must choose between a cowboy and a computer scientist, her brother's best friend or her best friend. Will Sheri have a change of heart? You decide.

Many other genres are in the works. Most interactive novels are a mixture of genres, but all are inspirational. All are created by your choices...you decide which path you want the characters to take...like a game for readers. If you make a different choice, the novel changes directions that follow the consequences of your choice.

Western Genre - Holliday's High Noon Honeymoon Click here to read through chapter three for free!
Fresh out of a Boston finishing school, Elizabeth is running away to the Wild West for a fresh start. Although disguised as a male, she must choose which man to leave with after their stagecoach is robbed. Will she choose the outlaw or the marshal? You decide.
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To order all 31 choices/consequences of HIGH NOON HONEYMOON

For the first time with this supense novel - Multimedia movie clips correspond with the 31 choices in this interactive novel. We heightened the decision-making process for you, the readers, to better interact and enjoy this book.
Available only on CD which can be ordered and shipped immediately to you:

Suspense - SPELUNKING SATAN'S SNARE:  Terrorist invade the United States with a new diabolical biological warfare. After a navy SEAL mission gone bad, Thane turns and walks away from his life as a secret USA defender. Missing memories torment him through nightmares, but his best friend and his sister pull Thane back to the underground world of caving and terrorism. Will his memories return as well as the man he once was? Will he choose to look out after only number one, himself, or will he find hope through one of two women? You decide.

Click to read SPELUNKING SATAN'S SNARE, the introduction chapter, without multimedia movie clips to correspond with choices in this inspirational story, another Happily Ever Afters interactive novel.

And whatever more interactive inspirational novels that God lays on my heart. Eventually, these interactive novels will move into animated graphics to go along with the story. That someday is now with the release of SPELUNKING SATAN'S SNARE. A very special thanks to my friend, my fellow daredevil caver and camera dude. Additionally, Happily Ever Afters is designing web sites for hire as well as accepting manuscripts to present you, the reader, with more interactive inspirational novels.

Thank you for your support. If you'd be so kind, please pray for Happily Ever Afters, my business, which has also been called a ministry. Like all ministries, we would truly appreciate your business as funds are hard to come by. To God be the glory. May Happily Ever Afters Interactive Novels touch the hearts of seekers and believers, to inspire, to give a lift up, to walk away with the warm fuzzies . . . and a touch of inspiration from the Almighty, so you can smile and have a great day!

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High Noon Honeymoon
Spelunking Satan's Snare

All Happily Ever Afters Interactive Inspirational Novels are designed to be read using Tw Cen MT font. If you are reading the interactive novels online and don't have that font: free d/l Tw Cen MT font. After clicking on the link, look for Tw Cen Mt, click it, d/l.

Children, Mystery and Educational interactive inspirational genres not yet available. Please keep checking back.There is a smidge of comedy in all the other available interactive novels . . . depending on your taste in humor ; )