Cool Tools 

Here are some cool tools.

Like to play with graphics?
This is to edit icons. This is to get "water or rippling effects"
Ever wonder how someone does those kewl effects with Photoshop? Tech TV has a list of pretty slick tricks "how-to" by graphics genius Bert Monroy. Or check out Bert's site.
Are you a Fireworks person instead? Go ahead, play with fire.
There is a free graphics program brought to you by GNU Projects. Here is FSF/UNESCO free software directory.

Ever wonder what happens on your computer when you aren't around? Who is using it and what's up with that? With typerecorder, you'll know.

Are you offering some or all of your computer's data to the entire world at this moment? Find out at Shields Up! - port authority edition - internet vulnerability profiling.

To ping: whether for gaming or to trace back the source of a harassing cyber-person, check out Neotrace or Traceroute

Want to go wireless, but not sure of the in's and out's? You can find endless resources on Wi Fi, or run a search on "how-to" or "help" at TechTV. This one is a Wi Fi LOL using a Pringles can.

How about desktop weather reports? Yep, there are a lot of them. Weatherbug has a free version that "chirps" when your area has a weather alert, animated radar, satellite, etc. They have other versions also.

Ever wondered what some of those online clothes would look like on you before you order? At Landsend, click on "my model" and find out if you like the style. Try those clothes on. It's somewhere between way-kewl, bizarro, and playing with paperdolls. ; )

Click on Webmasters' Resources here for webmaster freebies and cool tools,

There are so many cool tools, I could devote a whole site to it . . . but there's too little time for that. Hope you enjoyed this and found some helpful and/or fun info.

On a last note, if you want to get someone something unique and really special . . . name a star after them. It will last forever or-um until the star burns out.