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Interactive Inspirational Novel - Western Genre
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Holliday's High Noon Honeymoon Interactive Novel is now available on CD. We don't believe in overcharging to ship to you. All interactive CD's will be shipped through USPS. Email us with your zip code for exact shipping cost and/or any special requests like express or priority mail.

Collectors' CD interactive novel version comes with jeweled case, designed cover, designed CD, and copyrighted interactive 31 choices/consequences (different books) all in 1 novel.

Collector's CD version $5.50 plus shipping

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If you would like a free preview of Holliday's High Noon Honeymoon to read online now, including introduction and first three chapters (15 choices) . . . please click Interactive Inspirational Novel - Western Genre

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Holliday's High Noon Honeymoon has 31 different choices, different stories, and varying happy ending conclusions, so YOU the reader can create your own path and your own books, again and again. Each fork in the road and consequent choice takes you in polar opposite directions.
Have fun and enjoy this collector's novel on CD!

Be inspired and uplifted . . . walk away with the warm fuzzies until you decide to come back and create a new book with your own paths again and again. Imagine the possibilities with so many books offered through one novel. God bless you!

If you would rather not wait for shipping time, or pay postage, you can purchase the download versions instantly onto disk, burn to CD, or keep on your hard drive.

Only $4.95 download version of HOLLIDAY'S HIGH NOON HONEYMOON

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